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From the Executive Director:

November 11, 2011

Hi Friends:-)

 It was a great Veterans Day for a son of a US Filipino WWII veteran Enrique Furbeyre (1920-2002) of Dumaguete and a grandson of veteran Salvador Lachica (1903-1990) of Iloilo.

I was honored to be invited by the US President and the First Lady to the White House breakfast to celebrate Veterans Day on behalf of our ACFV coalition.

There were about 200 veterans and advocates who enjoyed a delicious omelet, pancake and croissant breakfast in the East Room.

(see photos)

I had a half-minute chat with the Pres. Obama and First Lady Michelle O in the Blue Room during the reception line photo op. Matangkad sila!

After shaking hand, I thanked the President for his leadership and in helping the Filipino veterans. He smiled and said, "I am glad Danny Akaka, Danny Inouye and Ricky Shenseki are doing their best for the Filipino vets." 

I mentioned to him the US Army recognition problem. He politely smiled and thanked me for coming.

M.O. also shook my hands and thanked me for coming. I said it was my honor.

I said we in the Filipino American community deeply appreciate Cristeta Comerford working for them and Cristeta promoting our community in the White House.

I handed our ACFV letter to Obama's military aide at the end of line.

Official photo w/ Barack & Michelle will be sent later, I was informed. Hindi ako pinayagan to use my Nikon.

Later, I had a few minutes conversation with DoD Secretary Leon Panetta in the Cross Hall on the first floor.

I thanked Panetta for helping the president on the Filipino veterans. I said that Obama has been a supporter since Obama was a senator. Panetta said he knew this issue and met many Philippine scouts when he was a California congressman.

I explained to Panetta that about 4,000 Filipino veteran cases are still unresolved because of unreasonable US Army service recognition policies.

I requested if Panetta could arrange a meeting with the Secretary of the Army John McHugh for us. He said he would look into it . He gave me his Department of Defense souvenir coin token.

We had our picture taken by his military aide who later took a copy of our letter to the President for Panetta.

Too bad I didn't finish the muffin and fruit dessert.

Salamat po Pops & Lolo!

ACFV executive director



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FRANCO ARCEBAL, ACFV Membership Vice-Pres. L.A.,CA; FAUSTINO BACLIG, Justice for Fil-Am Veterans, L.A.; FRANCO BONCATO, United Fil-Am Veterans S.F.; DOMINADOR VALDEZ ; U.S. Filipino Veterans WW2, San Jose; SUSAN MAQUINDANG, FASGI, L.A.; BEN MENOR, Northside Com. Center, S.J.; HERNANDO MANAOIS, Am. Legion S.J.; FILEMON MORDENO; Fil-Am Vets, Spouses & Widows, S.F; GARY ARANAL, Fil-Am Vets, Families & Friends S.F.; RUDY INES, JUN PEDERY & REY CABACAR, VFW MacArthur Post Maryland; ROMY SAN ANTONIO & Dr. MANNY HIPOL, Fil-Am. Veterans of Hampton Roads, VA; Dr. SONNY CARLOTA M.D. National Fil-Am Council; PAUL BLANCO & ABE ANGELES, Sons & Daughters WWII Vets.; YOLANDA ORTEGA STERN, Phil-Am Chamber of Commerce; SARAH GONZALEZ, Fil-Am Council of Sta. Clara County; CA; JOE GONZALES; U.S. Fil. Veterans Hawaii; Col. MARIANO AUREUS, Phil-Am Veterans Org. NJ-NY; R. SONNY
SAMPAYAN (US Airforce Ret.), NY Coordinator; MYRIAM SILVERIO, Council of Fil-Am Republicans Capital Region; PACIFICO TIMBOL, Am. Legion Post Spring Valley NY Post; LUDY CORRALES N.J. community; EUGENIO AMANTE, Long Beach Fil-Am Veterans; AVELINO ASUNCION & WINLOVE CUDAL, San Diego Fil-Am Veterans; ALICE BULOS, J.R. CHANTENGCO & MILA ALBA, Fil-Am Democratic Caucus; PERRY DIAZ, Ca. Fil-Am Republicans; NING AGUILA, Asian American Voters Coalition, VA; MAURESE OTEYZA-OWENS, Fil-Am. Women's Network, VA; LOIDA NICOLAS-LEWIS, TLC Beatrice Intl. NY; SYLVESTER SALCEDO, CT; RODEL RODIS, S.F.; MALOU MARIANO, San Mateo; HERNANDO CAAMPUED, Sta. Clara Republican; LOURDES MON, Chicago; TEDDY MILITSALA, Chicago
Vets; JOE MONTANO, Natl. Federation Fil-Am Assns., DC; Dr. JOVY & JUN EUSEBIO, Phil. Med. Assn. DC; JESSE BALTAZAR, Am. Defenders of Bataan-Corregidor, VA; NORA DORSEY & MANNY SALINAS, VA Beach; RON VILLANUEVA, Natl. Fil-Am Republican Council, VA; LAMBERT SANTOS & JIMMY PERALTA, Am. Legion Alejo Santos PA; TONY RIVERA, VFW Phila.; BEA CHAVEZ, Phoenix; VILMA GORRE & MANNY DUMO Las Vegas; GREG SANTIAGO & RODNEY GARCIA Phil. Am. Bar Assn.; Therese Lizardo, GWU Phil. Cultural Society; and others

White House July 26, 2001; Actual size=130 pixels wide

Our leaders demonstrating in front of the White House on July 21, 1998 to appeal to the President to recognize the military service of Filipino WWII veterans.

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.