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Write your family in the USA 

Write/e-mail your kamag-anak
in the USA!
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***** Sample letter Cut & Paste ****

Date: ___________

Dear ________________,

As your (relationship: widow/son/daughter ) of a Filipino veterans who fought for your freedom in World War II, I need your help to pass our bills in the U.S. Congress.

Please write or E-MAIL your U.S. Senators ( and your House Representative ( to cosponsor and support  the "MILITARY FAMILIES ACT" S. 1109 of Senator Bob MENENDEZ (D-New Jersey) and H.R. 2638 of Rep. Bob FILNER (D-CA).

This bill if passed by the Senate and House would provide priority issuance of visas to the sons and daughters of Filipino American veterans with approved immigration petitions who have patiently waited for more than decade.

Recall in May 2006, the Senate unanimously passed an earlier version (S. Amdt. 4029 to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill S. 2611).

These elderly WWII veterans bravely fought and served as U.S. soldiers in defending our flag and country. They deserve the companionship and care from their children during their twilight years in the USA.

As your constituent, I will appreciate a reply from your office.


Second, SPONSOR my annual or LIFE membership dues to the non-profit American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc., a national advocacy organization in Washington DC.  I have filled out their application form below. Please mail to ACFV your check (or pay by credit card) to help us win more benefits for our veterans' dependents in the Philippines.

Very sincerely yours,

___________________ (Signature PLEASE)

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9)     Make check payable to the:

American Coalition for Filipino Veterans 
Mail to:   867 North Madison St., Arlington, VA, USA 22205
10) Visit: or call 202 246-1998 for updates.

Actions speak louder. Results only matter.