American Coalition for Filipino Veterans Inc.

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Thank you! HVAC Chairman Bob Filner
ACFV vets congratulate Rep. Bob Filner (D-Chula Vista CA) for Equity Bill Committee approval, 2007

Rep. Darrell ISSA (R-Vista CA) led the 2006 Equity campaign

Our 2009-10 Goals:
> Implement promptly the Filipino Veteran Equity Compensation Law
> Pass Family Reunification bill for priority
   immigration visas for veterans' children
> Include recent widows of Filipino vets in receiving benefits
> Recruit 4,000 more members

With the recent passage of the Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation law (P.L. 111-5, Title X, Sec. 1002), we will win again!

We, the undersigned leaders of the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc., a national advocacy organization with 4,000 members and affiliated groups, on December 6, 2006, state:

EQUITY = US recognition + VA Burial + War injury compensation
 + Health care + PENSION (for poor elderly veterans)

1) Since December 5, 1995, our coalition's primary mission is to restore full US government recognition and to win equitable VA benefits for our veterans by passing the bill: "Filipino Veterans Equity Act," or realistic bills as recommended by our sponsors in US Congress. Thus amending the discriminatory effects of the "1946 Rescission Act."

2) Since the 1990 Immigration Naturalization Act, because of our step-by-step strategy as recommended by Sen. Daniel Inouye and Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Rep. Benjamin Gilman (R-NY), Rep. Bob Filner (D-CA), Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), we and allies have passed several bills with $38 Million in annual benefits for Filipino veterans:

A) 1999 Special Veterans' Benefit (PL106-169 Title VIII)

B) 2000 VA Burial Benefit, (PL 106-419)

C) 2000 War-related full compensation (PL 106-377)

D) 2003 Widow and Philippine Scouts Full Compensation (PL 108-183)

E) 2003 Veterans' Health Care (PL108-170)

F) 2003 Annual $500,000 Grant-in-Aid to Philippine Veterans Memorial Hospital restored.

3) Since 2001, we supported several bills to complete the last step to win VA nonservice connected pensions to provide dignified income to our veterans and bring them above poverty in the Philippines and in US to fully recognize their US military service in WWII:

A) $100 monthly Inouye's bill S. 68-Mrs. Arroyo's request to Bush for vets in the Philippines;

B) $200 monthly (initially) Representative Evans' $22 million request for veterans in the Philippines and in the US;

C) US VA medical-care allowances for veterans in the Philippines.

4) Since 2004, because of the overwhelming urgent requests of our elderly veterans in Hawaii, California and Washington State, our sponsors introduced bills to grant priority visas to veterans' children waiting for more than a decade with approved petitions. Sadly, if the veteran dies, the American dreams of his children fade away. Pensions are not transferable.

Our recommendations:

First: Work with our congressional sponsors and the key Veterans' Committee staff to pass the EQUITY BILLS in the 110th session (2007-08);

Second: Seek an estimated budget line item of $18 million to $22 million from the Bush Administration and the Appropriation Committees to provide at least $200 monthly pension for low-income Filipino veterans, thus overcoming the effects of the "1946 Rescission Act," a budget law;

Third: Campaign to pass the Filipino Veterans' Family Reunification bills as introduced by Senators Akaka and Inouye (S.Amdt. 4029 to S. 2611, S. 4070 and H.R. 901); and.

Fourth: Join in a principled and practical partnerships with national organizations like the National Federation of Filipino American
Associations, American Legion, VFW, mainstream veterans groups, Philippine Nurses' Association, and others, with full support of the Philippine Government and Philippine Veterans' Federation, in
a unified campaign to WIN the above bills.

PAT GANIO Sr., ACFV President

FRANCO ARCEBAL, Vice-President
ERIC LACHICA, Executive Director
REGINO NACUA, San Francisco, CA
and others

We will be counting on you as a member to overcome our three major organizational challenges:

1)  energizing our ACFV leaders at the local level to effectively develop their relationships with their senators and congress members as well as writing the President and White House staff.

2)  increasing ACFV membership base to 2,000 by the November 2008 elections and thus creating a $125,000 campaign fund with an average of $25 dues per individual.

3)  persuading the Philippine Government to be an active partner with ACFV in a campaign to win an equitable package of benefits for Filipino veterans residing in the Philippines.

On behalf of Pat GANIO, ACFV president, and Franco ARCEBAL and our Board, we look forward to your helpful SUGGESTIONS, and active support.

Eric Lachica,
ACFV volunteer coordinator & adviser

Your Mission:

1. Write your two senators and congress member to support and cosponsor the "Filipino Veterans Family Reunification Act

2. Call 202 224-3121 or visit their local office, if you do not receive a positive response to your letters.

3. Recruit a new member at least once a month.

Have you written or called your senator and congress member? Your personal visit to their local office may be the most effective way to convince them to support us.